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products and ideas, services and innovative projects aimed at preserving and protecting the environment.
Every piece is unique, handmade in Italy in our mill.



Domozero products fuse technology and innovative materials (recycled boat sails) and elements from classic and traditional tones as the skin.
The sails selected, composed by a mix of very fine fibers, are suitable to ensure high performance while the skin, produced entirely in Italian tanneries, has the purpose to confer greater rigidity and protection.
The result is harmony of the shapes and geometries of the plot, a game that generates opposing forces balance of strength and lightness.
The models, from simple, clean lines, represent a tangible example of minimalist design and functional.




The construction process is done entirely by hand and is guaranteed Made in Italy with quality brand T - Fashion.
Each stage of processing takes place in its own factory, starting from the design of models to the final packaging.
In the selection of materials, colors and textures they do not always exclude the defects, often able to characterize the aesthetics of the products make them unique and never the same.
A high quality path artisan made all the more evident in cutting phases and cuitura through details in which shines the greatest attention to the smallest details.




Creative structure in which projects take shape. The wide open spaces, originally used for industrial use (the site is in fact a former paper mill), frame style to the office where they studied the materials to be used for making prototypes. Area intended for the laboratory production are handmade models, made unique after having developed every single detail.

DOMOZERO, oltre ad una linea di prodotti innovativi, propone la propria musica


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